Using AI to Edit DNA, Top Tech Tips You Should Use, and More.

by | Apr 26, 2024 | This Week in Tech

This Week In Tech, we talk about using AI to edit your DNA, top tech tips you should use, and a new memory feature of ChatGPT.

CRISPR now has AI to edit genes

The latest AI technology is creating plans for tiny biological tools that can change your DNA. This hints at a future where scientists can fight illnesses and diseases more precisely and quickly than they can now. Outlined in a research paper released on Monday by a startup named Profluent, the technology relies on the same techniques that power ChatGPT. Similar to how ChatGPT learns to produce language by studying Wikipedia articles, books, and chat logs, Profluent’s technology generates novel gene editors by analyzing vast quantities of biological data, including microscopic tools that scientists currently utilize to modify human DNA. CRISPR-based technology is already revolutionizing how scientists research and combat illnesses, offering a method to modify genes responsible for hereditary disorders like sickle cell anemia and blindness.

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Top tech tips you should use

If you’re someone who regularly ignores updates on your devices, it’s time to stop. By neglecting updates, you’re overlooking crucial security improvements. While it can be challenging to stay on top of every update and new feature, these tech tips can significantly enhance your life! Know what apps are listening – Hidden among the legal terms and conditions you agreed to when downloading an app, you might have granted the app permission to listen through your phone’s microphone and gather data. Stop Google from sharing secrets – Google automatically adds “Copy of” before your original file name. Rename it before sharing. Why? Because anyone with access to the original document can see all your edits, changes, and versions. Set up a locked folder – For sensitive images like your driver’s license stored on your phone, create a secure folder in Google Photos. For other important tips to use on your devices, or steps to implement them, click read more below.

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ChatGPT can now recall particular chats with users

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has introduced a new “memory” feature. This feature enables the AI chatbot to recall specific parts of previous conversations with users. This context retention technology, currently under testing, aims to save users time by preventing them from having to repeat themselves to the chatbot. The new memory feature allows users to instruct ChatGPT to remember particular details from their conversations or allow it to learn automatically. This capability aims to transform it into a more personalized assistant. According to the company, this contextual memory will enhance the chatbot’s responses to users. Additionally, the AI’s memory will improve over time as it gains more usage.

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