The Importance Of Contributing To Your Community

by | Feb 20, 2024 | From the President's Desk

In this post, I discuss the importance of contributing to community by establishing meaningful connections, as well as sharing how AlphaKOR is involved in the Windsor-Essex community.

As the year winds down and we head into the holidays, I like to reflect on the things that made the year special. From our partners to our clients and community partners, the AlphaKORians’ take pride in contributing to our local community.

In this post, I will be discussing the importance of contributing to community by establishing meaningful connections, as well as sharing how AlphaKOR is involved in the Windsor-Essex community.

Establishing Meaningful Connections

From our humble beginnings, AlphaKOR was founded in Windsor, ON, and grew to be the company it is today. For over 27 years, AlphaKOR has proudly been providing business technology solutions to businesses in the Windsor-Essex area and beyond.

Building meaningful connections in the community with Academia and many Non-Profit organizations, AlphaKOR supports and gives back to be a Community Partner. Volunteering, sitting on boards/committees, and supporting and participating in community events are some of the ways we have made these connections.

This year, Wednesday Wisdom met monthly to foster new connections, reconnect with established ones, and created a network community to help each other, both professionally and personally.

Giving Back to the Windsor-Essex Community

AlphaKOR is built upon four core values that perfectly define everything we stand for: integrity, excellence, teamwork, and client focus. These values have grown to define the AlphaKORian culture, whether in-house, in the community, or on-site, this is what to expect from each other.

Beyond the call of duty, our incredible team bands together to support local causes, our community, and our education system. Each year, the AlphaKORians’ give back to the community through several causes and fundraising events. It is important for those who can give back, especially at this time of year.

Over the years, AlphaKOR has proudly given back to the Windsor-Essex community by donating to various causes and participating in a variety of charitable events. During the holiday seasons, we have supported The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County with the help of our long-term client, John Martel. Additionally, we have supported The Windsor Youth Centre, a program of The United Church Downtown Mission of Windsor Inc., with a holiday food and care drive organized by The AlphaKORians, in addition to other local charitable causes.

Keep Giving Back

This year, AlphaKOR will be supporting The Windsor Youth Centre with an in-house HUGS drive. The AlphaKORians are encouraged to give back to the WindsorEssex youth by donating clothing, hygiene products, winter gear, gift cards, snacks, and more essential items. We also invite any drop-in clients of ours to contribute to the HUGS drive as 100% of contributions will be donated.

There are other ways to contribute to the Community and I would like to circle back to Wednesday Wisdom.  In the Fall of 2020, many were asking how and where networking could take place during the pandemic. January 2021 Wednesday Wisdom began as a weekly virtual networking group to bring professionals in the Community together. This evolved into a monthly in-person networking group and peaked at 85 attendees last month! This has helped many in our Community connect with others, create jobs, and create business opportunities, and the best part it has created relationships and friendships during this challenging time.

Fostering Growth in Windsor-Essex

As a technology leader in the Windsor-Essex community, it is important for us to contribute and give back to our community. We like to lead by example for others to follow and give back when and where they can. This year has been special as we continue to move forward together with a hybrid business model and more venues opening up to in-person interactions while continuing virtual interactions to help continue growing our Community. We are excited about the new investments and opportunities as we wind down this year and welcome these in 2023.

What are you doing as a leader to contribute to Windsor-Essex Community?

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