The AlphaKORians’ Keep Rockin’ It!

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Latest at AlphaKOR

AlphaKOR is honoured to be Finalists in three categories for the WEtech Tech Awards! The AlphaKORians' keep rockin' it and we are humbled.

We are honoured to be Finalists in three categories for the WEtech Tech Awards! The AlphaKORians’ keep rockin’ it and we are humbled. Some of the qualities the AlphaKORians demonstrate every day are: collaboration, diverse skill set, dedication, integrity, trust and giving back.


Working together on projects, whether they are client-driven or company-driven, the Team seeks input and expertise from each other as required to complete tasks. Words such as “I” and “Me” are not part of the AlphaKORian vocabulary. They truly reflect the definition of collaboration, which is “We”.  We also collaborate with others to provide the right solutions for our clients.

Diverse Skill Set

If everyone on the team had the same skill set and the same personality, it would be difficult to provide such a wide range of services. Specialty and focused skill sets make us a successful team. Blending many different types of personalities by working together results in achieving goals and raising the bar.


Each and every member of the team is committed to the rest of the team. This means helping each other to stay focused and to keep moving in the right direction. Dedication to oneself in always delivering the best they have to offer and always striving for excellence is a key quality everyone brings daily.


No question integrity is an essential component and must be present at all times. Having integrity as individuals and as a team one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes walking away is the answer if it is going to compromise integrity. This is simply the best policy for success!


Teams must have trust amongst each other, in leadership and with the entire team’s common goals. When there is any mistrust, it needs to be addressed and resolved immediately. Trust in yourself and in your team makes for achieving amazing results.

Being Grateful

As we celebrate our recognition in the Tech Awards, we are grateful to clients and supporters who have been loyal along the way. The AlphaKORians continue to take responsibility by executing each and every day. In our case, it is actually 24 hours a day, every day of the week and every holiday. No exceptions!

Giving Back

AlphaKOR is continuously evolving to serve the community better, both in our core competencies and in volunteering to give back to the community. We take great pride and have some fun in being involved with many great organizations in our area to make a difference.

We Would Love Your Vote

We are proud to have two of our Team members recognized this year: Tina Kierans for Tech Woman of the Year and Chris Brenner for Tech Professional of the Year! AlphaKOR is a finalist in the Tech Company of the Year.

You can vote on WEtech’s Facebook page.

Good luck to all the Finalists in all categories and it is an honour to be named with other great professionals and companies.

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