Medical AI Solution That Patients Can Talk To, Instagram To Force Ad Breaks, and More.

by | Jun 6, 2024 | This Week in Tech

This Week In Tech, we talk about a medical AI solution that patients can talk to, Instagram testing out a new feature called Ad breaks, and ten useful tips to prevent iPhone privacy disasters.

New medical startup launches AI solution that patients can talk to

A startup called Sword Health recently introduced a new tool called Phoenix. It’s an artificial intelligence (AI) program that helps patients with their physical therapy sessions. Sword Health, which started in 2015, provides digital tools to assist patients in managing pain at home, steering them away from treatments like opioids and surgery. They’ve been using AI in their products since they began, but Phoenix is a more advanced version, giving users a more human-like interaction. Phoenix acts like a personal care specialist. Patients can chat with it during their virtual therapy sessions, discussing how they feel. Phoenix responds, giving feedback, and can even adjust the session’s difficulty and length in real-time. Patients use a tablet provided by Sword Health during sessions, which tracks their movements. Phoenix keeps an eye on their progress, and after each session, it summarizes their performance data and sends it to one of Sword’s human clinicians for review.

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Instagram is trying out ads that you can’t skip

Currently, Instagram lets users easily swipe past ads in their main feed, Stories, and Reels. However, they’re testing a new feature called “ad break” where users can’t skip ads as usual. Online images show a countdown timer before users can resume normal activity. This move isn’t unique—YouTube also shows non-skippable ads, usually 15 to 30 seconds long, to viewers who don’t have its premium ad-free option. In January, TikTok conducted a study indicating that making viewers watch ads could decrease engagement. Over 70% of participants expressed a higher likelihood of engaging with an ad if they had the option to skip it.

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Ten tips to avoid iPhone privacy disasters

Many opt for an iPhone due to its robust security features compared to Android. Apple consistently provides security updates, making iOS harder to breach. However, maximizing your iPhone’s security requires some effort on your part. Protect your iPhone data and online activities with these crucial privacy configurations.

  1. Make sure your phone is up to date – install new iOS updates as soon as possible
  2. Set up 2FA (two-factor authentication)
  3. Turn off web access to your iCloud data
  4. Add Face ID to lock your private Safari tabs
  5. Control what can be accessed from the lock screen
  6. Update the things Face ID can do
  7. Create a strong passcode
  8. Turn AirDrop off
  9. Consider getting iCloud+
  10. Start using a VPN

By following these 10 suggestions, you can greatly improve your device’s security and safeguard your personal information from possible threats. Read more for step-by-step instructions on how to implement these tips on your device.

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