Hospital Cyberattack, Bidirectional EV Charging, and More.

by | Feb 21, 2024 | This Week in Tech

This Week In Tech, we talk about the Cyberattack On 5 Southwestern Ontario Hospitals, Bidirectional EV Charging and AI Coming For Your Phone.

Blackmail cause for cyberattack on hospitals: Patient, employee data compromised

Windsor Regional Hospital, along with 4 other South Western Ontario hospitals, is still recovering from a ransomware attack that occurred last week. Transform, the network company overseeing the IT of these hospitals, has confirmed that anyone who visited or has been employed by these hospitals may have had personal information taken that could be published as part of the ransomware attack. Transform noted that any individuals compromised will be notified. In the meantime, they suggest taking these security tips: Check on your inbox and do not click any questionable links, keep up with security settings by enabling 2-step verification, encrypt any data possible, and change passwords so that they are unique and difficult to guess.

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Bidirectional charging a game changer: Using EV as power source during a blackout

The automakers GM and Tesla, along with other companies, have announced that they will incorporate bidirectional charging in their future electric vehicle models. Currently, only the F-150 and Nissan Leaf have advanced bidirectional charging capabilities among the electric vehicles available. An F-150 Lightning truck can run for up to three days on its 98-kWh battery, providing a tangible example of how EVs can provide power during natural disasters and periods of severe weather.

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AI Coming For Your Phone: Google, Motorola, and possibly Apple going all-in

AI is set to have an even more significant impact on our smartphones, starting from 2024 and beyond. Google’s Pixel 8 and 8 Pro serve as prime examples of AI-powered features that truly set them apart. One notable addition is a photo editing tool known as Best Take, which is capable of analyzing recently taken group selfies and seamlessly swapping facial expressions between images. Essentially, Google’s AI technology can generate a picture-perfect photo where everyone is smiling, even if such a moment never actually occurred.

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