Critical Apple Photo Update, Microsoft’s AI “Windows Recall”, and More.

by | May 24, 2024 | This Week in Tech

This Week In Tech, we talk about a critical Apple update to fix photo bug, Microsoft's AI that monitors all computer activity, and disabling cellphone carriers' data tracking.

Critical Apple update to fix photo bug

Apple updated iPhones to fix a software glitch that caused personal and sensitive images to unexpectedly reappear in the photo library. Some users experienced a concerning issue where sensitive and personal images, previously deleted years ago, resurfaced in their image libraries. Additionally, some reported encountering this problem on devices that had been wiped and sold to new owners. The latest software iteration, labeled as iOS 17.5.1, is currently accessible. Users can acquire it by navigating to the Settings app, selecting “General,” then “Software Update.” Alternatively, the phone may prompt users to install the update automatically. Apple’s release notes didn’t provide guidance on addressing devices that may have been sold or handed over to others, but it hinted that the update would address this issue as well.

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Microsoft introduces AI that monitors all computer activities

The AI system called “Windows Recall” aims to mimic photographic memory, enabling users to remember their computer activities and assisting in predicting their next actions. Microsoft introduced Windows Recall to enhance its native AI capabilities, enabling users to virtually access their PC history in a manner similar of having a photographic memory. However, it is expected to raise privacy concerns among users worried about the data it collects. The company assured that it would offer options for users to control the extent and type of data it gathers.

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Disabling cellphone carriers’ data tracking

Data tracking involves companies gathering details about a user’s online engagements, involving browsing history, location data, messaging records, and app usage, among other things. This data is utilized by the collecting company or shared with third-party entities to customize advertising aimed at you. If you’re uncomfortable with your mobile carrier having extensive access to your data, there are steps you can take to limit it. Unfortunately, most carriers don’t readily share this information as it’s advantageous for them to maintain such access. Taking control of your data privacy begins with familiarizing yourself with the settings on your mobile device. Read more for instructions on how to disable data tracking on various devices.

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