Change Healthcare’s Ransomware Nightmare Gets Worse, Microsoft Tops List in Brand Phishing Attacks, and More. 

by | Apr 19, 2024 | This Week in Tech

This Week In Tech, we talk about Change Healthcare's ransomware attack, Microsoft being the top brand involved in phishing attacks and Mark Zuckerberg reimagining the classroom.

Change Healthcare’s Ransomware Nightmare Gets Worse

Change Healthcare faces a fresh cybersecurity crisis as RansomHub, a cybercriminal group, claims to sell sensitive patient information stolen during the February ransomware attack. RansomHub claims to have possession of medical, financial, and personal records, including Social Security numbers and emails. This breach is a result of the earlier attack on Change Healthcare which has severe repercussions, disrupting operations and causing widespread concern in the healthcare system. Despite Change Healthcare’s investigation into RansomHub’s claims, the situation increases the pressure on the company, which reportedly paid a $22 million ransom to stop data leaks. The fallout includes substantial financial losses, reaching $872 million by March 31, and regulatory scrutiny from lawmakers and agencies like the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Microsoft Tops List In Brand Phishing Attacks

In the first quarter of 2024, Check Point Research highlights a surge in brand phishing attacks, with Microsoft topping the list as the most impersonated brand, followed by Google and LinkedIn. These attacks target users via fake websites and deceptive messages, aiming to steal credentials and personal data. Scammers exploit urgency and mimic trusted sources, posing severe risks like financial loss and identity theft. Protection involves verifying sources, avoiding suspicious links, and implementing Two-Factor Authentication. Staying informed about phishing tactics and sharing knowledge is crucial for safeguarding against evolving cyber threats.

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Reimagining The Classroom

Meta plans to launch new software later this year, aimed at simplifying the use of VR headsets in classrooms, particularly their Quest model. This software aims to enhance educational experiences by enabling immersive learning journeys through virtual reality. The software will allow educators to manage multiple headsets, access educational apps, and monitor student activities. While Meta envisions VR facilitating a unique learning experience, there are concerns about digital safety and its impact on traditional learning methods. The company’s investment in the metaverse highlights its belief in VR’s future role in education and beyond, despite ongoing debates about its effectiveness and accessibility in classrooms.

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