Revolutionize the manufacturing operation.

AlphaKOR MRP Software is developed to accommodate the Windsor-Essex manufacturing industry. Virtually eliminate downtime, miscommunication, and time-consuming data management! With AlphaKOR MRP, you can cut out duplication, manual reporting, and monitoring, and immediately increase output on your shop floor.

Designed for Windsor-Essex shops.

Windsor-Essex County has a rich history of manufacturing and tool and dye shops. We considered all of our experience working with the industry leaders when developing AlphaKOR MRP.

Simplify the pre-sales process.

AlphaKOR MRP specializes in providing accurate quoting, estimating, and customer management. These tools make completing the tasks before bidding for a job simplified.

Never ignore the floor management.

Floor management is critical to our material requirements planning software. Effective job kickoff, inventory management, shipping and receiving, and work order tools are critical features.

AlphaKOR MRP collects all your data.

Within AlphaKOR MRP’s data management tools, we record end-to-end business management, job management and costing, access controls, purchasing, and comprehensive reporting.

Empower your workforce with simple tools.

AlphaKOR MRP recognizes your employees as resources. Employee timeclock, scheduling, evaluations, training, incident reports, and truancy tracking are all included in the management suite.

Committed to proper implementation.

As a fully managed IT service provider, we are adept at aligning business goals with technology. We will leverage this expertise to ensure AlphaKOR MRP is properly implemented with your operation.

Frequently asked questions.

Can AlphaKOR customize their software solutions to my operational needs?

Your business processes are what set you apart from your competition. AlphaKOR MRP understands that your software must adapt to those unique processes in order for you to continue to be successful. Our expert design team will work with you to customize major modules down to minute details to ensure your software operates in the best functions for YOUR business.

How intensive is it to implement AlphaKOR's software solutions with my operation?

It really depends on the size and scale of your operation, what your current processes are, and how you intend to use AlphaKOR’s software solution. We are committed to a smooth and seamless business management implementation. To ensure success, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Systems Analyst that will be directly involved in the day-to-day tasks. The Systems Analyst will be your primary contact and your link to our development team.

Does AlphaKOR provide ongoing support for their software solutions?

Yes, we absolutely do! We were the architects and builders for all of the AlphaKOR software solutions. So we know these tools inside and out.

Does anyone actually use AlphaKOR's software solutions? Are they field tested?

Our software solutions are currently fully implemented being used daily by over a dozen large-scale operations within Ontario. Our team is vastly experienced at implementing, updating, and improving all of our software solutions within a real-world operational environment.

Can AlphaKOR build, design, and implement my own custom software?

Yes, we can! Please contact your Client Success Manager or submit a form here to start a conversation about custom software development.

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