Managed IT Services

Unlock Your Business With Technology! In today’s business landscape, technology is your greatest asset. AlphaKOR understands the pivotal role IT plays in your success.

Hire an entire IT department.

Access a department of experts without staffing costs or internal management.

Managed cybersecurity threats.

Mitigate cyberthreats proactively before they become a bigger problem.

24/7 support from real people.

We provide 24/7 support 365 days a year to our fully managed clients.

Build a future-proof IT strategy.

Our vCIO and vITM are ready to strategize your business technology goals and objectives.

What does it mean to have your IT managed?

You are hiring AlphaKOR to be your augmented IT department. We succeed when you succeed.

How we improve your workflow.

Offload your technical issues to our team.

We have a team of trained technicians who are ready to augment your operations when you need it. Manage your business, not your IT.

Managed communication tools.

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, and similar communication tools are critical to your operation. We can ensure you are fully integrated.

Empower a remote workforce.

We can develop, source, and deploy a remote workforce solution for your business so you can empower your employees.

How we maintain your environment.

Senior IT technicians available.

Our senior IT technicians are reserved to deploy large projects that are intended to maintain and improve your environment.

Managed cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

All of your critical business data and operations are in your network. Let us manage this critical aspect of your operation.

Hardware purchasing and maintenance.

If you feel like you are no longer getting the most out of your hardware, our technicians will review and apply the necessary solution.

Lenovo Desktop and Mouse
Lenovo Desktop and Mouse

How we maintain your environment.

Senior IT technicians available.

Our senior IT technicians are reserved to deploy large projects that are intended to maintain and improve your environment.

Managed cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

All of your critical business data and operations are in your network. Let us manage this critical aspect of your operation.

Hardware maintenance and updates.

If you feel like you are no longer getting the most out of your hardware, our technicians will review and apply the necessary solution.

How we plan for your future.

Migrations to cloud or hybrid.

Cloud infrastructure is the future of data storage and business operations. We can help you migrate to the proper solution.

Meet the V-Team.

Our vCIO and vITM are ready to help you! Regular strategy meetings are completed to ensure your business objectives are being met.

We are experienced technology consultants.

We have been providing technology solutions in Windsor-Essex County for over 30 years. We have the experience to make recommendations and build strategies.

Full list of managed IT services.


24/7 Service Desk

Our triage team manages end-user communication, service requests, and incidents.

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VOIP Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows businesses to complete phone calls over the internet.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure allows businesses to easily adjust resources to match fluctuating operational demands.

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Hybrid Infrastructure

Hybrid infrastructure refers to a computing environment that combines on-premises infrastructure with cloud services.

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Remote Workplace

Setting up a remote workforce involves establishing robust collaboration tools to maintain productivity.

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IT Staff Augmentation

Scale your IT resources rapidly to meet project deadlines, expand capabilities, and access specialized skills.

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Mobile Device Management

AlphaKOR’s mobile device management ensures secure and efficient handling of all your corporate mobile devices.

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Project Services

Projects such as IT project management, system integration, application deployment, and infrastructure deployment.

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Data Backups

Regular data backups are crucial for safeguarding against data loss due to events such as hardware failures or cyberattacks.

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Hardware Maintenance

Monitoring and maintenance of computer hardware components to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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IT Consulting

vCIO and vITM

Our fully managed clients receive an IT strategic advisor and an IT manager to ensure business operations run smoothly.

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Technology Consulting

We provide guidance through difficult and overwhelming IT issues that have critical impact on your operation.

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Data Migration to the Cloud

Migrating your business to the cloud creates a flexible space for your business to thrive in and your team to collaborate in.

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Meet your IT dream team.

AlphaKOR is nothing without each and everyone of our hardworking technicians, specialists, and representatives. We truly are a family who believes in the work that we do each and every day for all of our Windsor-Essex clients.

Frequently asked questions about managed IT services.

Is my company the right size for managed IT services?

Determining if your company is the right size for managed IT services hinges on several key factors: the complexity and scale of your current IT infrastructure, budget considerations, the level of IT expertise available internally, your business growth trajectory, security and compliance needs, and the level of IT support required.

However, managed IT services can offer cost-effective solutions, scalability, expertise in cybersecurity and compliance, and round-the-clock support, making it suitable for companies of various sizes.

What does "managed IT services" even mean?

Managed IT services involve outsourcing IT functions to a third-party provider who manages and maintains a company’s IT infrastructure and systems. This allows businesses to access specialized expertise, cost-effective solutions, and proactive monitoring, ensuring efficient operations and cybersecurity while freeing up resources to focus on core objectives.

Our managed IT services are structured around a single ongoing service fee. This means your costs for IT support are highly predictable and your solutions can be scaled based on the needs that your business has. By becoming a managed IT service customer with AlphaKOR, you can strategically plan your operational future.

Are AlphaKOR's managed IT services packages customizable to my needs?

Yes our packages are customizable! Because no two companies are the same. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, we tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring that you get the most out of our services. Our team works closely with you to assess your current IT infrastructure, identify pain points, and understand your long-term goals. We develop a customized plan that addresses your IT challenges while aligning with your budget and growth objectives.

Why is it so important for a business to backup their data?

Data backups are crucial for businesses because they serve as a safeguard against various threats that could lead to data loss or corruption. This includes cyberattacks, hardware failures, human errors, natural disasters, and software malfunctions. Without proper backups, businesses risk losing critical information, such as customer records, financial data, intellectual property, and operational documents, which can have devastating consequences for operations, reputation, and compliance.

Furthermore, data backups enable businesses to recover quickly from disruptions and minimize downtime, ensuring continuity of operations and mitigating financial losses. In the event of a data breach or system failure, having reliable backups allows organizations to restore their systems and data to a previous state, reducing the impact on productivity and revenue.

Will technicians come to my office/onsite if I have a technical issue?

Yes! AlphaKOR’s onsite team of technicians is the backbone of our service delivery. Whether you require troubleshooting, hardware installations, network optimizations, or ongoing maintenance, our onsite team is equipped with the expertise and tools to ensure seamless operation. With a focus on prompt response times and personalized service, we strive to be your trusted IT partner, providing the hands-on support you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

What is cloud infrastructure and what does it mean to take my business to the cloud?

Cloud infrastructure refers to a virtual environment comprised of interconnected servers, storage, and networking resources hosted remotely by a cloud service provider. It enables users to access and utilize computing resources on-demand via the internet, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency for hosting applications, storing data, and running various workloads. In comparison to on-premise network infrastructure, no serious hardware is required to be in-office to run your network.

When you hear the statement “take my business to the cloud,” we are referring to cloud migrations! There are steps we take as IT experts to ensure minimal downtime, data loss, and operational impact when moving a network to the cloud.

What is the difference between regular IT services and managed IT?

In summary, managed IT services provide comprehensive, proactive, and scalable IT support delivered by external experts, while regular IT involves internal management of IT resources and is often more reactive in nature. The choice between the two depends on factors such as budget, IT requirements, expertise, and the level of control desired by the organization.

What is IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation involves hiring external IT professionals to supplement in-house teams temporarily or for specific projects, bridging skill gaps and meeting project deadlines without committing to long-term contracts. This approach offers flexibility, allowing companies to scale their IT capabilities efficiently, respond to changing technology needs, and access specialized skills without the overhead of permanent hiring. By partnering with experienced IT staffing firms, organizations can ensure access to top talent, enhance project outcomes, and achieve strategic objectives effectively.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my IT department?

Outsourcing IT management offers numerous benefits for businesses, including access to specialized expertise, cost savings, and increased efficiency. By partnering with AlphaKOR, companies can tap into our team of skilled professionals with diverse knowledge and experience, ensuring that their IT systems are well-maintained and up-to-date.

Additionally, outsourcing IT management can result in significant cost savings compared to hiring and training an in-house IT team, as it eliminates the need for salary expenses, employee benefits, and ongoing training costs.

What is mobile device management? What devices are covered by AlphaKOR?

Mobile device management (MDM) is a comprehensive approach to securely managing and controlling mobile devices. It involves deploying software and policies to monitor, secure, and support mobile devices throughout their lifecycle, including provisioning, configuration, application management, and remote troubleshooting. MDM solutions enable IT administrators to enforce security protocols, manage device settings, distribute applications, and remotely wipe data in case of loss or theft, ensuring compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements while maximizing productivity and protecting sensitive information.

AlphaKOR’s mobile device management covers a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables devices, handheld scanners, and any other devices within the organization’s network.