The A-team of cybersecurity.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) team is a centralized unit that monitors and manages an organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis. Our cybersecurity analysts use state-of-the-art tools to hunt for emerging threats.

24/7/365... we respond to all threats.

Cyberattacks come from around the world at various times. Our SOC team operates around the clock, every day of the year.

Assurance that your business is protected.

An experienced cybersecurity team possesses a blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and adaptability. We understand evolving threats.

Any industry, any business, any infrastructure.

We work with businesses across all industries. We are able to adjust our security measures to fit the needs of any business.

Our SOC team is always a step ahead.

Proactive cybersecurity measures involve anticipating potential threats, safeguarding digital assets, and preempting potential breaches or attacks.

Service details… you know, the important stuff.

Email Filtering

Email filtering automatically sorts incoming emails to detect and remove spam, phishing attempts, and malware before reaching the recipient’s inbox.

DNS Filtering and Web Security

DNS filtering blocks access to malicious or inappropriate websites by redirecting domain name system (DNS) requests to a predefined policy-controlled server.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Managed endpoint detection (EDR) is a set of security tools and measures on individual devices within your network infrastructure.

Security Information and Event Management

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool is a solution that aggregates and analyzes security event data across an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions.

Can AlphaKOR help with cybersecurity insurance compliance?
Yes, our cybersecurity experts possess the expertise to conduct thorough audits. We provide valuable insights aimed at enhancing your compliance with cybersecurity insurance requirements. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we can assist in optimizing your cybersecurity posture to meet the standards mandated by insurance policies.
How quickly can you restore systems if a disaster occurs?

The restoration time in the event of a disaster depends on the severity and nature of the incident. Whether it’s a cyberattack or an on-site disaster, our response time is swift, and we prioritize restoring systems efficiently. By implementing a well-defined disaster recovery plan, your business can minimize downtime and recover from any unforeseen disruptions.

How can investing in cybersecurity services benefit my business?
Investing in cybersecurity services offers protection against potential cyberattacks. Cyberattacks can result in data loss, compromise of sensitive information, and damage to your business’s reputation. By proactively securing your digital assets and infrastructure, you safeguard your business’s operations and mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats in the long run.
Do you only help with digital security measures?

No, our cybersecurity experts recognize that security breaches can occur digitally and on-site. In addition to digital security measures, we provide comprehensive insights into safeguarding on-site hardware, data storage systems, and more. Our holistic approach ensures that your business is fortified against a wide range of security threats, both online and offline.

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