Be The Gamechanger

by | Feb 21, 2024 | From the President's Desk

In this post, Frank Abbruzzese talks about what it takes to be the game-changer in the IT field.

This week as I celebrate 26 years of being an AlphaKORian, it is exciting to be part of a team leading in this ever-changing and challenging field. Let me ask you: Are you caught in the same routine and stuck in a rut?  What can you do to be disruptive in a positive way? Why are you not the game-changer?

Make stuff happen

When I reflect on my career, some things seem to be a natural routine, some are challenging tasks and many new routines have been developed in the last couple of years. Some routines are embedded in my daily task list.  Other things happen unexpectedly with positive results. Some things just happen based on your efforts. Focus on the stuff you can change and let go of the other stuff you cannot change. Keep making stuff happen!

Your voice

Step up and voice your ideas and opinions on what you believe needs to change for the better. Execute your ideas and see the results. Sure, you may be off the mark occasionally and that is okay. Most of the time you will find things turn out good. Many times we are nodding our heads in agreement.   Stop that habit and listen closely to the conversation. Speak up, be part of the conversation and share your voice.

Lead the movement

Keep an eye out for opportunities where you can make an impact. Lead the movement and do not just follow the norm. Do not conform just to conform.  Observe what others are doing and welcome their feedback. These actions will provide you with direction on where to lead and to be the game-changer. Never be afraid to reinvent yourself and take the risk.

Make an impact

You can decide to follow the pack and not lead. Just remember, someone else will always take the lead, so why not you? Review your processes, your team, your competition, your clients, suppliers, the organizations you belong to and the community at large. What do you see as the gaps and the ideas of how things can be better? Where can you make an impact?

There are rules

I know there are rules and processes in place. Challenge these and make them better. When it comes down to it, every business is in the customer service business. Sometimes the rules and procedures do not apply to service your customer. Leaders know there are rules and realize those rules may not be relevant to build and maintain trusted relationships.

Go ahead and reinvent the rules. Always stick to your core values when not following the rules: integrity and honesty cannot be compromised.  Period. What are you doing to make stuff happen?

Be the gamechanger!

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