3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Build a Positive User Experience (UX)

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Latest at AlphaKOR

Why should your business build a positive user experience (UX)? We discuss three reasons why your business can benefit from UX, what to consider, and more!

User experience (UX) is the overall experience a user has when they interact with a product, such as a website. A positive UX focuses on offering users an enjoyable, easy-to-use, and seamless experience. Robert Faria explains that “the ease of a digital journey can create a positive customer experience and can have a big impact on marketing and a company’s bottom line”.

Why should your business build a positive UX, and what are some ways this can be achieved? Let’s dive a little deeper!

It’s a Win-Win!

Have you ever visited a store or website looking for a certain product only to be confused and overwhelmed? You likely left without making a purchase, and perhaps decided not to return to that website or store. This is something that can be avoided if UX is accounted for.

Whether you have a storefront business, an online business, or both, creating a positive user experience will leave both you and your customers happy. When you create a positive experience for your customers, they’re likely to make a purchase allowing you to continue offering your customers a product or service they are looking for!


Do your friends and family ask you for restaurant recommendations? If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant, you’re likely evaluating several things like the service, the food, the atmosphere, and more. If you had a positive experience, you’re likely to share the restaurants you had the most positive experience at the next time your friend asks you for a recommendation.

When you offer your users a positive experience, they are likely to spread the good news. Focusing on how you can improve your customer’s user experience from the moment they enter your store or land on your website, to checking out at the cash register or online cart will work to provide that seamless experience they are looking for.

Repeat Interactions

Just as you would recommend a business to a friend if you’ve had a positive experience, you’re also likely to return to that business! By ensuring a positive user experience every time, your guest is likely to repeat their interactions with you.

Analyze your customer journey from start to finish and look at ways that you can improve their experience. Focusing on improving your UX will keep your users happy and their outlook on your business positive.

How You Can Build A Better UX

Building a better user experience for your clients starts with evaluating the current state of your business and experience. A great way to do this is through customer feedback and data analysis. Customer surveys allow you to get your users first-hand feedback which is a great primary source of information. Surveys give you the insight you need to analyze what customers really think about your business and how you can improve.

Other ways that you can collect data about your user’s experience are through analytic tools, such as Google Analytics. Analytics are valuable especially for online businesses as it provides you with key insights to your user’s behaviour.  This is especially helpful in determining where your users are spending the most time, and where perhaps they are getting lost on your website.

Once you have data about your user’s experience with your business, you can then investigate ways to improve areas of tension.

Improving the user experience is more than updating the visual appearance of your website or products. While design plays an important role in UX, it’s important to look at the customer journey. How do your users navigate through your store or website? Is the information they need easily available? Does the information you display have answers to their questions? Is there too much information or stimulation that is deterring them from staying in your store or on your website long enough to make a purchase decision? There are some questions to ask yourself when you think about your user experience.

Remember, creating a positive user experience is an ongoing process. You’re likely to adjust and iterate consistently to improve your user’s experience with your business. Don’t be scared to ask your customers for their feedback, after all, they are the people who are using your products!

UX Application

We understand that running a business can be time-consuming. Our experts can help save you time on applying UX to your business with one of our Digital Marketing packages. Whether you’re in the market for a new website or want us to integrate UX into your SEO strategy, talk to our Digital Marketing team today to see how we can service your business.

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